Tuesday, 6 May 2014

With a little help from our friends

The Global Short Story Competition is into its seventh year and in that time the monthly competition has handed over £11,000 in prize money to writers from all over the world.
We established the competition to give a voice to writers seeking to bring their work o a wider audience and we are doing that on a regular basis.
We communicate with writers on a daily basis and are often inspired by the work they submit to the competition, We have had some brilliant winners, some of which can be enjoyed at our website www.inscribemedia.co.uk
However, to survive we rely on income from entry fees, which is why we are appealing to you to spread the word among your networks. The competition can be entered at www.inscribemedia.co.uk.
But why support us? Well, here’s what we do:
Free stuff Theres loads of free hints on writing at our blog at
www.inscribemedia.co.uk and you can also check out our free writers toolbox, which can be downloaded off the home page at http://www.inscribemedia.co.uk/

Facebook You can check out our Facebook page with its news, views and free competitions at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Inscribemedia/183385438479538

Mentoring and courses For information on our online writing courses and mentoring packages at http://www.inscribemedia.co.uk/writing-courses---bespoke-mentoring.html

Nurturing new talent through our e-books
As part of our efforts to support and showcase new writing talent worldwide, we have published seven e-books
Lost Souls by Roger Barnes When young women start to go missing in Africa, an International Strike Force is assembled to rescue them.
Harry’s Torment by Michael Beck Set in the fictional east coast port of Thirlston and centred on investigators tackling the heroin trade.
Cyber Rules by Myra King. The novel by Australian writer Myra tells the story of a farmer’s wife in isolated rural Australia. Caught up on the addictive side of the Internet, she holds a secret which may prove to be deadly.
Global Shorts - an anthology of short stories taken from the early years of the Global Short Competition.
Vegemite Whiskers - a selection of some of the finest writing from Australian authors who have entered the Global Short Story Competition.
White Gold by Roger Barnes A thriller by Roger Barnes taking the reader into a world of intrigue and danger set amid the poachers of Africa.
Haghir the Dragon Finder by John Dean, a comic fantasy for older children. Haghir
and his hopeless comrades are dragon slayers seeking a new challenge.
All the titles can be obtained by keying their titles into the search field of the Kindle shop at www.amazon.co.uk Australian readers will have to purchase via Amazon US at www.amazon.com
* If you don’t have a Kindle, there is a free Kindle reading app for your PC at

John Dean

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