Friday, 2 May 2014

Making characters sound different

It’s important to make characters different from one another. Why? Because otherwise, readers get confused. Characters need to be just that.

Of course, you can give one red hair, another blonde etc, but one effective way to differentiate is the voice. They could:
Use different words: Characters can have their own slang and favourite expressions

Use different sentence patterns: Let one character use short sentences, another long ones.

Use humour: Why not give a character a jokey persona?
Let a character ramble: Rambling speech or thought can be tedious for the reader but it can work if you want to create such a character, as long as it is used sensibly.

Maybe have characters pay attention to different things—some will note their surroundings, some will be oblivious. Some will notice other characters, others will ignore them ; we all know people that call people by their name all the time, others that never do. It‘s a good way of making characters sound different.

John Dean

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