Thursday, 20 August 2015

The importance of reading

Here’s one of those pieces of research which surprises … absolutely no one.

According to The Reading Agency, there is strong evidence that reading for pleasure can increase empathy, improve relationships with others, reduce the symptoms of depression and the risk of dementia, and improve wellbeing throughout life.

The study, conducted by BOP Consulting for the agency and funded by the Peter Sowerby Foundation, brings together a growing body of research that shows that reading for pleasure can bring a range of benefits to individuals and society.

The report is the first stage of a project funded by the Peter Sowerby Foundation and developed through partnerships with reading charities, public libraries and education organisations to emphasise the importance of reading.

Jonathan Douglas, director of the National Literacy Trust, said: "This report provides a solid foundation from which we can build a new and objective framework to understand how literacy transforms lives and can make society stronger, more successful and more equal.”

John Dean

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