Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Writers of all types

In the six and a half years that we have been running the Global Short Story Competition, our entries have fallen into two categories, both of which are welcome.
One category is those writers who enter regularly: some of them have been shortlisted and gone onto to win or secure further shortlistings, others have received several shortlistings and are waiting to make that step up. Their support for our competition is very welcome indeed.
The other category is the growing number of writers entering for the first time, either because they were recommended to do so by friends or specialist websites and blogs or because they found us on the web. We love seeing new writers and constantly impressed by the standard of stories coming in.
We very much appreciate those websites which mention our competition, many of which provide links to our site. Such support is crucial if we are to survive and thrive.
What also pleases us is those writers who stumble across us during web searches: the big challenge for any web-based concern is featuring highly on the search engine rankings and we are starting to do that as more and more people find us.
One of the things which the past six and a half years has reinforced is just how good our winning stories were. Whether they made us laugh, cry or view life in a new way, the stories were bonded together by the quality of the writing.
You can enter at www. inscribemedia.co.uk

John Dean

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