Friday, 7 March 2014

January winners announced

Judge Fiona Cooper has selected her winners for the January Global Short Story Competition and writers from the UK and Australia have taken the honours.

The £100 first place prize goes to Colin Hodson, London, England, for The Stranger, of which Fiona says: “It is very hard to judge stories, and I feel it is important that a story includes both feeling and technique. This sparse story has both, and also conveys that elusive quality of atmosphere. Not a word wasted and, although there is a conclusion, one’s imagination goes beyond with many implicit questions which are intriguing.”

Our highly commended £25 runner up prize is being divided between Florence Child, Forest Range, Australia, for Revenge, and Pam Plumb, Darlington, Co Durham, England, for Patient 129191.
Fiona says: “I had to have two runners up, since it was not possible to choose between these stories.

“Cinematic and original in concept, Revenge swept me into the land of so many movies, where people bowl through like tumbleweeds make their impression then vanish away over the horizon - excellent writing and I was left wanting more.

“Patient 129191 story drew me in with its very peculiar world view, which became the skewed reality of the whole narrative. Brilliant twists and turns on every page sustained this story and, as with the other two I have chosen, I wanted to know more. I am also convinced that all three winning writers should carry on writing and explore the idea of a longer piece of work.”
The writers on the shortlist are:

Deborah J Ledford, Scottsdale, Afghanistan

Petra McQueen, Colchester, Essex, England

Kylie Orr, Upwey, Victoria, Australia

Gillian Brown, Peyriac de Mer, Aude, France

Virginie Tozzo, France

Esther Newton, Thatcham, Berkshire, England

Paul Freeman, United Arab Emirates
Winning stories will be posted on Well done to our successful writers. You can enter the March competition at the same address.

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