Friday, 28 February 2014

Gettng it right

Characters can make or break a story. You cannot make your stories live unless you have characters.  This came to mind with some entries into this month’s Global Short Story Competition (last day today). Here’s some thoughts on how those writers got it right.
They described their main characters' physical characteristics but picked only the salient information
They made the reader visualise the person by thinking about the small things which make them stand out, make them live.
They captured their demeanour.
They described their views, their emotions, they type of character.
They did not pack the information in all at once, rather revealing the character as the story progressed.
They made sure the main characters are strong enough to carry the story on their shoulders.
And they made sure we care about them - not necessarily like but care.
Above all, their characters were REAL.
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John Dean

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